Biblically based.  Culturally diverse. United in Christ.

Whether you’ve been to our church many times, or if this is your first time, I urge you to take a moment to browse through our site. It will provide you with a good overview of our church, and will answer many of the questions you might have.

Questions Like:

  • Where do we stand on certain fundamental issues relevant to Christianity?
  • How does our theological position become the practical application we base our lives on?
  • What do we believe our mission and our purpose is?
  • And where exactly you might fit in here at CCSB.

A Little Trip Down CCSB’s Memory Lane

The Calvary Chapel movement began in the late 1960s as the Lord used Pastor Chuck Smith to reach out to thousands, including “hippies”, with the love of Christ. He had an expositional approach to teaching the Word of God.Church attendees were taken verse-by-verse through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Pastor Chuck became the founder of what was known as the “ Jesus Movement,” witnessing God’s miraculous power as the Lord dramatically transformed people’s lives. The Calvary saga had begun. Today, there are over 1,500 Calvary Chapels worldwide.

Calvary Chapel South Bay’s Humble Beginnings

Calvary Chapel South Bay was one of the churches that resulted from the Jesus Movement. Taken quite literally from the gutter by the miraculous workings of the Lord, Pastor Steve Mays had developed a passion for the lost, and an unwavering devotion to sharing the Word of God. He became the senior pastor of CCSB in 1980.

The church had humble beginnings, with only approximately 75 members when he started.

The original church (only a mile away from its current location) was about 6,000 square feet. In 1998, CCSB outgrew that facility and moved to its current location on the corner of Vermont and Knox. As the Lord has provided and added to this body, the facility currently comprises three buildings, for a total of 140,000 square feet. It is a platform for ministry in the local community, the city, and beyond.

Remembering the Past and Looking Ahead to the Future:

After serving over 34 years at CCSB, Pastor Steve Mays went home to be with the Lord in October of 2014. Today, his ministry legacy, Light of the Word, continues, and the church is continuing to see the fruit of his labor for the Lord.

Pastor Jeff Gill became the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel South Bay on April 12, 2015. Jeff and his wife, Connie, are proving that and are facing the challenges that lie ahead as they continue to move forward down the path that God has opened for them at CCSB.

Currently, Calvary Chapel South Bay has become a home church for over 8,000 people of all ages and cultures.

The ministry of CCSB comprises a large variety of discipleship groups to help and encourage Christian growth and maturity in intimate settings—men’s, women’s, youth, discipleship classes and more. There are multiple opportunities to serve and make an impact as the body of Christ.

Until the Whole World Hears – Missions Minded:

CCSB is engaged in the work of evangelism and missions—in our backyard, across our state’s borders, and beyond the globe.

Each year teams are sent around the world on short-term mission trips.  Places CCSB has been to include: India, Samoa, Peru, Costa Rica, Ireland, New York, the Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Haiti, New Orleans, Maine, and Uganda, among many others.

Long-Term Missionaries are also sponsored to take the message of the Gospel across the globe, as are several churches seeking and serving the Lord in distant countries such as India and Liberia.

As people enter the main foyer of the church sanctuary, they will see “Great is Thy Faithfulness” painted on the arch. This serves as a constant reminder that Calvary Chapel South Bay is what it is today because of the Lord’s faithfulness. To God alone be the glory for the great things He has done!

As people leave the church, on the other side of the arch, is painted, “You Are Now Entering the Mission Field”. This serves as a reminder to the church body of the calling God has placed on all of us here at CCSB. To not only take in God’s Word, but also apply it to our everyday lives.

So again, welcome to Calvary Chapel South Bay! Where we strive to not only know God, but also make God known.