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Biblical Instruction Ministry



“You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny.” – Psalm 73:24

Being able to work through life’s struggles and challenges can be difficult.

You may find yourself seeking answers from loved ones or counselors in the world, but find it’s only making matters worse.

Do you have burdens weighing you down that you would like to release?

Do you have situations you’re struggling with but don’t know what to do or which way to go?

Do you have a conflict with either a spouse or another person you’d like reconciled?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we have a ministry here just for you.

Here at CCSB, we have a ministry where you can find hope in any hopeless situation—our Biblical Instruction Ministry!

Biblical Instruction Ministry provides Biblical based counsel to the body of Christ free of charge.

The counseling ministry or “Biblical Instruction Ministry” is available for those who desire to seek a biblical viewpoint and direction to their lives.

At Biblical Instruction Ministry You Will:
  •  Gain Biblically based knowledge and wisdom regarding issues you’re struggling with
  • Have your questions regarding the Bible answered
  • Learn what God’s perspective is regarding issues
  • Learn how to overcome temptations
  • Be equipped to better handle disagreements, arguments, and differences with your spouse and others
  • Experience much, much more!
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Here at Calvary Chapel South Bay, we’ve seen broken marriages on the verge of divorce reconciled and restored.

We’ve seen men and women, hopeless and hurting, encouraged and motivated to keep pressing forward.

We’ve seen those addicted to substances, pornography, gambling, etc. be liberated and set free by God.

We’ve seen prodigal sons and daughters come back to God and their parents, and we’ve seen countless lives transformed by the healing power of God’s Word.

The possibilities for your life truly are endless when you place it in God’s almighty hands.

He can do absolutely anything no matter how hopeless your situation may seem.

So come on out and meet with a seasoned Pastor today!

If you’re a woman and feel more comfortable speaking with another woman, please know that we have a team of seasoned ladies in our women’s leadership available to meet with you as well.

You no longer have to walk through life without the help of a brother and sister in Christ.

Call the church office at 310-352-3333 to set up an appointment today or message us through the contact form for more details.

Please Note: All of your sessions with the pastor or women’s leadership will be strictly confidential. The only exceptions are if you reveal a plan to personally commit suicide, physically hurt another person, or if you reveal any current child abuse that is going on. A 3rd party may be contacted to ensure the safety of you and/or others.


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