We all have our ideas of what the perfect love story looks like.

For the women, it might be a modern-day story of a knight in shining armor that will one day sweep her off of her feet.

For the men, we want a woman that we can love, protect, and provide for.

But what if there was a love story that was so different from what you’re used to, that it made you look at love in a new way?

I’d like to introduce you to Ian and Larissa, two new people who just got added to your list of favorite people.

You’ve never met them before but by the end of this video, they will be two of your favorite people guaranteed.

Love Redefined

You may have your own definition of what love should be like, but after you watch this video, your definition of love may end up being challenged.

I know I thought about my definition of love for a long time after I first watched this video.

Maybe that’s why at the time of writing this blog post, this video has more than 1,000,000 views on Vimeo!

So check it out and then share your answer to the question below in the comments section.

What would you do if you were in Larissa’s shoes?  No judging, I promise 🙂  And I’ll even go first.