Are You Feeding Your Soul The Right Way?

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Are You Feeding Your Soul The Right Way?

Just like your body needs food every day, your soul needs to be fed too.

The problem is that many of us neglect to give our souls the nourishment it deserves.

Many of us have a soul that’s surviving but God wants us to have a soul that’s thriving.  

Sometimes we put our work, our kids, or even our friends ahead of our soul and that ends up getting us into trouble.

When we fall for the trap of not giving our soul the nourishment that it needs, we’ll find that we’re drained and that our faith is weak.

That’s why it’s very important that we feed our soul every day with the knowledge and wisdom that we find through the meditation of God’s Word.

Not only does meditating on God’s word serve as food for our soul, but it’s also a spiritual weapon against the enemy who’s always at war against us.

How Can We Feed Our Soul?

There are plenty of ways to feed our soul with the Word of God but I’m just going to share two ways with you today:

1. We can read our bible daily.

While reading the bible every day is a great idea, sometimes we can read too little or we can read too much.

We don’t want to read too much to the point where we don’t remember what we read or we don’t understand it.

Instead, let the Word marinate in our mind and meditate on it.

As we’re reading the bible, many times the Holy Spirit will cause a verse or a passage of Scripture to really stand out from the rest.

That’s usually the Holy Spirit’s prompting for you to stop and to meditate about that passage.

We should ask God what He wants us to take from that scripture. (I recommend purchasing a study bible in addition to a basic bible. It can be helpful with understanding scripture.)

Additionally, a lot of churches give out bible bookmarks with daily readings on it for the members.

I believe it’s a great way to unify the congregation with the scripture readings and merge them into Sunday’s service.

However, it’s important for us to read more of God’s Word individually than just a bible verse a day.

For example, if our congregation is reading Luke 8:40-56, don’t just read the minimum required reading.  Go to Proverbs as well and read a few passages there too or open up a Psalm and start reading.

It’s best to let the Lord guide us as to the additional scripture He would like to speak to us through that day.

I found that praying about a bible reading plan and sticking to it daily works really well.

2. We can read devotionals.

There are plenty of wonderful devotionals that are available both online or in paperback format.

I love to read devotionals daily after reading my bible.

The great thing about devotionals is that they can cater to your gender, your marital status, or to whatever stage of life you are in.

For example, there are devotionals for moms, dads, singles, people struggling with the loss of a loved one, and so much more.

The important thing here is to do your due diligence about the author and make sure that he or she is writing the devotional based on sound doctrine.

Key Takeaway

God’s Word is nourishment to our soul.

It’s through the meditation of God’s Word that we taste and see that God is good.  

As Christians, we need to read God’s word daily or else we’ll get spiritually dry.

So if you’re not feeding your soul at all or if you’re not feeding your soul enough, then commit to reading and meditating on God’s Word more.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be as little as an extra 5 minutes a day.

God can speak to you in powerful way in 5 minutes but you have to let Him.


  1. Walter

    It is a blessing Wendelin for this week Blog. As in todays message in the book of Nehemiah 8:1-12, What Happen’s When God’s Word Is Restored, Respected,
    Responded. How that taking notes, and meditating on what is shared over the pulit. Letting God’s word go in, through, and out of us. Reminded me of the absorption received that we recevie spiritually and physically, after the first service. Like the Nutribullet how healthy the absorption is for food. Was blessed going to the fourth service pain or not. It’s always a Blessing to sit and listen to more than just one service. Song, Lord I Lift Your Name On High. <

  2. Wendelin Phillips

    Thank you Walter. I appreciate your comments. May God bless you.

  3. Fanie

    I love Jesus with all I am hope the for your church the body of Christ Love you all may God Bless you Amen

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