Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were defending God to someone? 

Or have you ever had to defend your belief in the Christian faith?

I had a situation happen to me the other day in which I found myself having to defend God to an atheist.

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure that you have wondered how to answer the questions that nonbelievers ask regularly.

Sometimes you meet nonbelievers at work or sometimes you meet them on your college campus.

The Bible says that we should always be ready to give an answer for why we believe what we believe, so I thought it would be a great discussion topic.

My Encounter With an Atheist

You should never argue with anyone regarding the existence of God and your faith.

You might be wondering what I said to this gentleman that I talked to the other day. I didn’t argue with him.

I have to admit however, I felt baffled at times and could not clearly answer the questions he was asking me the way I would have if I had more time.

It was a disheartening experience to me because I couldn’t articulate my beliefs to this atheist.  I never thought I would find myself in such a position because I have read the entire Bible at least four times.

However, several things come into play.  First of all, I was caught off guard with the questions. Second, the person was very aggressive and cut me off every time I started to answer the questions.

Obviously, he did not care to hear the truth.

Four Questions You Might Be Asked by an Atheist

The gentleman asked me four questions that I want to share with you:

1.  “How would you feel if you died and learned that God is not real and that there is no heaven or hell?”

I informed the gentleman that I would not feel bad if that occurred. He did not like my answer nor allow me to go into further details.

I would have told him that living a holy lifestyle allowed me to live positively and to live my life to serve others — not to focus on myself or materialistic things.

Also, living the Christian lifestyle helped me make a positive difference in the world and to be a better person. The greater good would far outweigh the negative.

2. “What does Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions have in common?”

This gentleman believes that all religions are ways to brainwash people and make them followers.

I attempted to answer this question, but was cut off.  My answer would have been that Jesus does exist in most religions. He does not hold the same esteem or title.

However, Jesus is usually known as a good person.

As Christians, we know that Jesus is the second member of the Holy Trinity (1. The Father, 2. The Son, and 3. The Holy Spirit) and we believe in His resurrection.

That is what differentiates our Jesus from the other religions. I know Jesus is mentioned in the Koran as well as in publishings by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

3. “If the church is a non-profit organization that should only keep 3% income, where is the remainder of the money going? Why are there megachurches with rich preachers?”

I informed the gentleman that I am aware of the church being a non-profit organization. I was not clear on the percentage. I explained that the remainder of the money the church uses to help the community.

I told him that the more income a church has, the larger that 3% portion will be.

God does not want His people to be poor because we would not be able to lend to others. Christians are supposed to be lenders – not borrowers. We are blessed to be a blessing to others.

I do feel that most churches use their funds wisely and for serving their community. However, there are those few that give the others us a bad reputation.

4. “Are you fearful of God’s wrath? If so, why do people sin?”

I told him that God makes us autonomous (to have free will). He assumed that Christians go to hell if we sin.

However, born-again Christians are already forgiven for past, present, and future sins.  That does not give us the right to go around sinning though.

No one is perfect and when we sin, our imperfections come to the light.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, I believe that an aggressive nonbeliever can be changed into a passionate believer!

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, all things have become new.

We, as Christians, have to lead by example. It is not up to us to change someone’s mindset or force them to believe in God. It is up to God.

God can change an unbeliever’s heart. For example, look at the story of the Apostle Paul.

He was a persecutor of Christians, but he became a passionate follower of Christ.

God loves unbelievers as much as He loves believers!

He gives us the free will to choose whether we love Him back or not. I intend to lead by example and to do my best to show the God in me to this unbeliever.

I pray that he will be converted like the Apostle Paul.

Please be praying for his salvation.