• Who is this ministry for? Children ages 1-12, as well as newborns & infants
  • When do they meet? During every service and weekly ministry
  • Where do they meet? Various locations throughout campus



Children’s Ministry nurtures the hearts of children. We serve children from newborn through 5th grade and their parents as they endeavor to raise their children to live courageous God-centered lives.

No one is excluded—we minister to those with special needs too.

United by our love of Jesus Christ, a team of nearly 150 skilled and committed teachers and volunteers use Bible-based curriculum, adult/kid directed worship, service opportunities, and fun activities to minister to the spiritual needs of children.

We meet Sunday mornings and evenings, and Thursday evenings during regular service hours.

Nurturing the Heart of a Child

We value and treasure each child God brings our way; our focus is to win them to Jesus Christ. As we provide an environment where children are safe, welcomed, included, and loved, they become open to the Gospel.

As children mature in faith and love of the Lord, we continue to encourage, instruct biblical truths, and provide opportunities to serve within and outside the body of Christ. 

We mentor and strengthen friendships with children through worship, prayer, service, fun events, and activities.

Ministry to very young children encompasses their body, mind, and soul.

  • For the body, children are cared for in a safe, clean environment where the love of Jesus is evident in their surroundings and interactions with adults.
  • For the mind, we present biblical, age-appropriate instruction tailored to toddlers; even a little one can learn about God.
  • For the soul, purposeful structure provides the groundwork that prepares a child’s heart to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Mission & Vision:


Paul said of Timothy, “from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.” (2 Tim. 3:15) Children are at the most reachable stage of their lives.

We have an unparalleled opportunity to present the Lord Jesus Christ to them at this crucial time. Children need to know that Jesus’ love and guidance is available to them now. We desire for each child in our ministry to make a personal commitment to Christ.


Teaching the Word of God results in changed lives. Therefore, the Bible is crucial to the life of each child. God’s Word is “Good News” to everyone — including children. It is our desire to expose these young hearts to Jesus and to His Word.

Through classes offered specifically for children, we will guide them into an awareness of the Lord Jesus and equip them with the resources for dealing with all areas of their lives.


Children need to understand the Bible’s relevance. In Acts 1:8, Jesus said that we are all to be witnesses—including children.

Therefore, we encourage children to openly share their faith. This vision includes their home, school, and community and the world around them.


The Lord demonstrated His loving guidance for children the day He drew them into His arms (Mark 10:14–16). We believe the most effective thing we can do for our children is to openly encourage them in the Lord. Through a ministry of encouragement, children will see Biblical truths and values carried out.

Special Needs:

Special needs teachers are available Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m., classroom KC, in the Kid’s Zone courtyard.

Highly skilled teachers will work towards accommodating individual needs within a safe, supportive, and loving environment.

Please call the CM office at (310) 352-3333 to schedule an appointment prior to your first visit. Meeting will ensure your child’s first visit is a positive one.

Additionally, you may arrange to speak with a Children’s Ministry educator by email at StefMitrano@ccsouthbay.org

Ministry Team:

Those who serve in Children’s Ministry include Christian parents, grandparents, guardians, the married and unmarried, educators, college students, social workers, and medical, financial, and legal professionals, to name a few.

Many races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, and professions are represented in the group who has been called to minister to children at Calvary Chapel South Bay. A fruitful and rewarding Children’s Ministry is an outgrowth of their common love of the Lord and Gospel-centered training.

Child Safety 101:

CCSB takes our responsibility to safeguard children seriously.

All persons who come in contact with children at CCSB must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, undergo a background screening that includes a questionnaire, fingerprinting, criminal records checks through the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as professional recommendations.

Even an accusation of child mistreatment disqualifies a person from serving in Children’s Ministry at CCSB.

Moreover, all teachers must successfully complete a free seven-week orientation where their world view may be challenged as they are taught and tested on the fundamentals of education and protection policies.

All teachers are subject to an overseer who reports to the Children’s Ministry Pastor.

Kid Check:

Calvary Chapel South Bay uses KidCheck—a secure check-in system, as an extra layer of child protection.

Accounts may be created from home at the KidCheck website, or at a kiosk at CCSB.

It is advisable to create an account prior to the first visit. Once an account is created it may be used anyplace the KidCheck logo is displayed.

A Gift From God:

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him”. – Psalm 127:3

Nineteenth century American evangelist and publisher D.L. Moody got it right when he said,  “When you save a child, you save a life—a whole life.”

Ministering to whole lives, spirit, soul, and body is the dictate of every person belonging to Christ.

We resolve to take every available opportunity to tell children about the enduring love and forgiveness of Jesus with the goal of leading them to a decision to make Him their “forever friend.”

 In part, we do this by:

  • Consistently praying for our leadership, teachers/those who serve, our children, and their families.
  • Instructing children in the absolute truth of God’s Word so that their foundation is stable.
  • Demonstrating the unconditional love of God through our personal witness.
  • Encouraging children’s spiritual growth and connection with one another.
  • Providing leadership experience via teams that minister to children and those who serve in CM.
  • Offering opportunities to children to serve on mission trips.

Make a Difference:

We could not minister to the hundreds of children who worship at CCSB weekly without the service of people who are committed to giving their time, talent, and treasure.

If you have a heart for ministering to children and their parents, please consider serving in the Children’s Ministry.

Email Children’s Ministry Pastor Stef Mitrano at StefMitrano@ccsouthbay.org or call (310) 352-3333 to contact a Children’s Ministry representative.

You may also want to follow our Facebook page to keep current on what’s happening in Children’s Ministry at CCSB.