“REJOICE!” Easter Series

Open your Bibles to John 19 and read verse 30 together.

“It is finished!” When Jesus took His last breath as He laid their on the cross, so did our old selves as believers. All of our shame, guilt, and condemnation is dead and we are a new creation because of Jesus’ blood shed on the cross for us! There is no more work to be done because we’ve been washed clean and redeemed in the blood of Jesus. Rest in knowing that He is yours and you are His!

1. Why do you love Jesus?                                                                                                                      

2. What is your favorite scripture and why?                                 

3. What is something that you haven’t been fully trusting God with?                                                                                               

4. What has God been teaching you this Easter season?

Practical: Rejoice! Share praise reports of how God has moved in your family recently. In response to His goodness, thank Him and worship Him together as a family.