REJOICE!” Easter Series (Palm Sunday/Good Friday week)

Open your Bibles to Luke 19 and read verse 40 together.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on “Palm Sunday”, the Pharisees wanted Jesus to rebuke and quiet down the people praising Him. What did Jesus do? He said, if the people don’t praise and worship Him, then the rocks, would immediately cry out and worship Him!

Discuss the following questions together as a family.

1. Why were the Pharisees trying to quiet down the people that were praising Jesus?                                                                     

2. Tell about a time that you were worried about something in your life instead of trusting God.                                                       

3. Why would the rocks would cry out and worship God if the people didn’t worship Him?                                                          

4. Tell about a time that you didn’t feel like worshiping God. How did God get you through it? 

Practical: Invite a nonbeliever friend/family member to a service on   Easter Sunday!