“REJOICE! ” Easter Series: Happy Easter!

Open your Bibles to Matthew 28 and read verse 9 together.

After Jesus is resurrected from the dead and visits the disciples, one of the first words He says to them is, “Rejoice!” Just imagine, after all they’ve been through, and now Jesus fulfilling scripture through His life, death and resurrection, He was full of joy! This is the attitude we should have in living for Him as He died for us!

1. Imagine seeing Jesus resurrect from the dead. What would have been your reaction?                                                               

2. Why do you think Jesus told the disciples to “Rejoice!”? How do you understand this word “rejoice” as it is used in the Bible?   

3. Would you rather be there to see Jesus resurrect from the dead or to be born as a baby? Why?

Practical: Go and tell the Easter story to a non-believer family member, friend or coworker.