An Attitude of Praise

Open your Bibles to Psalm chapter 146 and read verses 5-7 together.

When we put our whole lives into trusting and following God, He provides us with true happiness; joy. Our God is Creator of all, and yet wants to be our personal Lord who is in control, and Savior who frees us through His Son, Jesus.

Discuss the following questions together as a family:

1. How does God help us in time of need? Is there anything we need to do?                          

2. How does it make you feel that God created ALL things and He wants a personal relationship with you?                                    

3. Praise God for your testimony! Go around the table and share how He has set you free! 

Practical: Praise God this week by sharing your faith with someone who doesn’t know Jesus, and share your testimony of what God has done in your own life!