LIFE Skill: Getting Closer to Jesus!

Open your Bibles to 1 Peter, chapter 1 and read verses 15-16. Reread verses 13-14 to help put the whole passage together in context.

God commands us to be holy just as He is holy. This holiness means to be set apart, different than the world/nonbelievers. If He commands us to do something, He also desires for us to obey. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead also lives inside of you as a believer of Christ, and He empowers us to live a holy life.

Discuss the following questions together as a family.

  1. Do you believe God is holy? How would you define holiness based off who He is? Do you know a Bible story that shows His holiness?   
  2. What are ways I can pursue holiness? What happens if I have an unholy moment?
  3. How has God shown up in a big, holy way in your life?

Practical: Encourage each other throughout this week in specific ways that you’ve seen each other grow because of the grace of God. (Example: “John, I’m encouraged by you prioritizing more time with Jesus, and less time watching tv. That is awesome, praise God!”