LIFE Skill: Getting Closer to Jesus!

Open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 4 and read verses 19 and 20 together as a family.

Jesus calls His first 4 disciples to Follow Him: Peter, Andrew, James and John. Jesus commands them to Follow Him and promises to make them “fishers of men.” Without fully knowing who this Jesus is or why He is calling them, the 4 immediately drop everything and Follow Him.

Discuss the following questions together.

  1. Based off the verses, what do you think it means to be a “fisher of men”?
  2. Why do you think the 4 immediately followed Jesus? They left everything – their boats, their fish (which provided their income and food), and even James and John left their earthly father.
  3. Jesus has also called us to Follow Him, what do you need to immediately let go of to trust Him more?

Practical: This week in our LIFE acronym, it’s the 3rd week – F, Following the Way of Christ. Pray and ask the Lord for practical steps to Follow Him closer! (ex: watching less tv to read more of His Word).