LIFE Skill: Getting Closer to Jesus!

Open your Bibles to Luke chapter 9 and read verse 23 together.

Jesus says if we want to follow Him, we must deny ourselves and take up our cross daily. In the verses preceeding, He says we must lose our life for His sake to save it. It sounds upside down but Jesus is saying we are His, and this is opposite from the world!

Discuss the following questions together as a family.

  1. What does the Bible say it means to deny yourself? What are practical ways to deny yourself?                                                                           
  2. What does the Bible say it means to “take up our cross daily” and how do we do this?                                                                                          
  3. What does Jesus mean by “losing our life to save it” ?

Practical: Spend this week asking the Lord what He wants you to let go of in order to follow Him closer, getting to be made more like Jesus!