Run with Faith // Peter

Open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 14 and read verse 31 together.

Jesus met Peter and the disciples by walking on water in the middle of a scary storm. Peter saw Jesus but wasn’t sure it was really Him. Peter then chose to Run with Faith as he asked Jesus to help him to walk out to Him on the water.

Discuss the following questions together:

1. Peter started to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus and onto the storm around him. How can we keep our eyes on Jesus in the middle of a storm?                                                                

2. Would you have been one of the disciples staying in the boat or would you have been Peter asking Jesus to help him walk out towards in on the water?                                                               

3. Tell of a time that you took a step of faith and God blessed you!

Practical: Obey God and take the step of faith that He is asking you to take!