Run with Obedience // Abraham asked to sacrifice Isaac

Open your Bibles to Genesis 22 and read verse 12 together.

Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for a baby boy. Now, God told Abraham to sacrifice their son, Isaac. God wanted to test Abraham’s heart to show that there was no god before the one, true God which was also the first commandment. Abraham and Sarah chose to Run with Obedience even though they didn’t quite understand His plan!

Discuss the following questions together:

1. What is your most favorite toy, possession or person? What would it take to give it to someone else?                                   

2. The Bible doesn’t indicate any hesitation within Abraham. Why do you think Abraham was so willing to sacrifice Isaac?                   

3. Tell of a time that God asked you to do something difficult. Did you do it, if so, what got you through it? If, not, why not?

Practical: Pray and ask God to show you if you have anything that you love more than you love Him!