Jesus’ “I am” Statements

Open your Bibles to John chapter 14 and read verse 6.

Now you may have heard of Jesus’ next “I am” statement before: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus boldly and powerfully states that He is the only way to heaven, there is no other way. He also states that He is the truth, our God cannot lie! Lastly, He states that He is the life. Jesus is the Creator, He gives us breath in our lungs, and He offers us eternal life with Him.

Discuss the following questions together as a family:

1. Do any of the other “I am” statements help reinforce this sixth “I am” statement?                       

2. How can we trust God at His Word? How are we sure that He can never lie?                                     

3. From the Bible, how do we know that Jesus is also the Giver of Life and the Creator?

Practical: Purpose to follow Jesus. (Nonbeliever) Pray and ask Him into your life. (Believer) Pray and ask Him for help to trust Him in your unbelief.