Jesus’ “I am” Statements

Open your Bibles to John chapter 15 and read verse 5.

In Jesus’ seventh and final “I am” statement, He states “I am the vine.” Just like a leaf cannot grow without the branch and the trunk of the tree, so we cannot grow and live without Jesus. Jesus also says that we cannot bear fruit, or lead others to become followers of Jesus, unless we abide in Him, or obey and follow Him ourselves.

Discuss the following questions together as a family:

1. How would you define “abide”? What does it look like to abide in Jesus?                                     

2. Why does Jesus relate Himself to be a vine and us and the branches? What is He saying?                                              

3. Share about a time that God saved someone in your life.

Practical: GO! Abide in Jesus and bear much fruit. Share the gospel with someone at work, school or in your neighborhood.