LIFE Skill:Getting closer to Jesus!

Open your Bibles to John 15 and read verse 5.

A branch will die on its own if it’s not connected to the vine that provides the nutrients for it to survive. Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches because we can’t live without Him. In fact, we must abide in Him, or obey Him and do all according to His Word tells us. When we try to live on our own, it’s impossible to spread the good news of the gospel and to make disciples.

Discuss the following questions together as a family.

1. Why do you think Jesus calls Himself a vine and us the branches in this illustration?                                                           

2. How would you describe a person that abides in God?             

3. What fruit is Jesus referring to that we would bear by abiding in Him?                                                                                          

4. Why is it so hard to do anything without Jesus?

Practical: Has the Holy Spirit convicted you with something this past week? Obey and apply what God is teaching you through His Word.