Family Dinner: January 23rd – 29th

Open your Bibles to 2nd Corinthians, chapter 2 and read verse 15 together.

We’re to be living our lives attracting others to Christ with our love and good works. Often times we get caught up with civilian affairs and repel others from Christ. It’s time to check the smell of our aroma, not to please people but to please our Father and to not be hypocrites.

Discuss the following questions together as a family:

1. What are ways my aroma could attract nonbelievers to Christ?

2. What are ways my aroma could repel nonbelievers from Christ?

3. Think of how you came to Christ. How did the aroma of the believers that you knew smell? What did they do to make it smell that way?

Practical: Take 5 mins and think of one way for you to improve the smell of your aroma. Discuss your ideas together after the time is up. Put them into practice and keep each other accountable!