Run to WIN with humility!

Pray together as a family. Open your Bibles to James chapter 4 and read verses 4 thru 6.

We’re to run our race of following Jesus to win, not just to run for fun because losing isn’t fun. God’s Word tells us if we’re a friend with the world, we’re enemies to Him. Seek Him with all humility and He’ll give us grace, but if we’re prideful… we’re choosing to go to war against Him — spoiler alert: you’ll lose being on Satan’s team.

Discuss the below questions together:

1. Am I a Family Man/Woman? Why or Why not?                                                                 

2. Am I a Disciplined Man/Woman? Why or Why not?                                                      

3. What does it mean to be holy? How do I know if I’m holy or not? What do I do to stand out from the world?                            

4. What are practical steps that I could take to become God’s ideal man/woman?                                                

5. How can we run to win together as a family?

Put it into practice! Talk as a family and make practical steps to grow as a family in your walk together and in your personal walks with Christ!