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God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Your faithfulness to God in supporting the work of His hands here at Calvary Chapel South Bay is greatly appreciated.

Your giving helps us reach thousands all over the world and in our own backyard with the Gospel—the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

With your continued support, we will continue our call to make disciples, and change lives. 

We will overwhelm our fallen world with the vision God has given us—to Win a person to Christ, Instruct a person in Christ, Send a person for Christ and Encourage a person in Christ.

At Calvary Chapel South Bay, it’s our belief that giving is a matter of the heart, and that each person should give according to what they believe the Lord has purposed in their hearts to give.

  • Give online and through the CCSB app
  • Giving is fast and takes less than 30 seconds
  • Keeps a tithing record you can view anytime in your account
  • Accepts credit-cards, debit-cards, and e-check payments
  • The only option that allows you to change your recurring giving at any time
  • Use PushPay
  • Give through our website
  • Fast and easy way to give online only
  • Use Classic Method
  • Use the convenience of your PayPal account to give
  • Fast and easy way to give online
  • Keeps an account of your giving record in your Paypal account
  • Use Paypal

Other Ways You Can Give Unto the Lord at CCSB:

You can put your tithe in the tithing basket passed around by the ushers during any church service, or you can drop your tithe into one of our many wooden “Tithes/Offerings Boxes” around the church.

You can find one in the church foyer, the front office, outside of the prayer room, and in the main foyer.

Mail your tithe, offering, and/or gift by sending a check to:

Calvary Chapel South Bay
Attn: Accounting Department
19300 S. Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90248

Please make sure all checks are made out to Calvary Chapel South Bay, and all envelopes are addressed to the attention of the Accounting Department.

If you would like to donate items of any kind, please contact the Front Office at (310) 352-3333.