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How to Become Holy Without Becoming a Holy Roller

May 19, 2013 | 8 comments

The very idea of holiness seems old-fashioned and abstract, even unattainable. Only God is holy. Right?

For most non-believers, their concept of holiness is one that is very solemn and somber.

The picture of a monk in a lonely monastery comes to mind… a life that is dark and gloomy; a life stripped of color, fun and excitement. It’s not very attractive picture at all.

As a believer, I live in this fallen world, I must function day-to-day in it. I have bills to pay, a family to raise and things to do.

With sin being rampant in our society, how can I live in holiness?

What exactly is holiness? How do I become holy? Is it just being good? I have so many questions.

So I began a quest to find out what it looks like in light of scripture. While I won’t share everything I’ve found…it was quite extensive… I will share a couple of simple principles.

Let’s Start With the Definition of Holiness

Holiness is:

The quality of being holy… Belonging to or coming from God:
Hallowed, consecrated; to be set apart for sacred use.

God made man to have a relationship… holiness was part of the plan… perfect communion with GOD.. the Creator… Adam was “set apart for sacred use” if you will, when he was created.

He named the animals, tended the garden and he walked in sweet communion with the Lord. When sin entered the garden and entered the heart of man, all communion with God was broken.

But God still desired a relationship with man. Don’t you just love God for that?

He gave us Jesus.

Only through the acceptance of Christ as the sacrifice for our sins can we be reconciled to God.

As I studied I realized that what the Lord is asking me to do is to change the way I see holiness…

Holiness is something that must be pursued if you want to be continually renewed. 

If I am serious about my relationship with God, if I’m moved at all by what it cost God to redeem me, then I must out of a grateful heart, obey Him in this pursuit. It should be something I long for because without it, I will not see the Lord…

“Pursue peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” – Hebrews 12:14

There is a scripture in Isaiah 58 that speaks of a Highway of Holiness, which is reserved for those who walk in His ways. I know I am not the only one on this highway, but this is something that I must pursue on my own.

Holiness is a personal choice and it comes through daily sanctification.

Sanctification is a Process

It means to make holy. It doesn’t happen overnight. I can’t accomplish this on my own.

Scripture promises me that as a born again believer, the Holy Spirit who resides in me is the one that sanctifies… filling me with holiness and emptying out all the unholiness.

You are a work in progress, becoming more like Jesus

How does He do that?

By using the Word of God to show me those areas that need to change.

Sanctification starts in my heart and mind.

It begins with my willingness to submit to the Spirit.

Every time I choose humility over pride, or choose to stand for the truth and not lie, when I choose not to sin, I am choosing holiness.

Key Takeaway

There is so much more. I could write and write about all the things that I have learned. I can see that I fall short every day and am so grateful for the Lord’s patience in the process of sanctification.

I have discovered that holiness is something attractive and beautiful, like the Lord Jesus himself. It is something to be desired and sought after because I know that in it I am pleasing the Lord. And THAT fills my heart with JOY!

What is the place of holiness in your life? Will you pursue it? Or will you be one of those who comes to church, sings the songs, and leaves unchanged and unaffected by what the Lord wants to do in you? 


  1. Peter Guirguis

    One of the main reasons why I love this post Patty is because I personally am one that takes holiness for granted. Sometimes I’ve cheapened grace and I’ve just relied on God’s forgiveness instead of asking Him to sanctify me.

    Thank you for this great reminder about the importance of holiness in our lives 🙂

    • Patty Martinez

      Yes… It is a personal response to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. God told Abraham personally to walk before him and be perfect… This study was really something!

  2. Jacqui Burnet

    Holy can also be seen as wholly and we, the sinners, cannot become whole without Jesus in our lives …

    • Patty Martinez

      I like that Jacqui! I love the fact that God sees us whole and clothed in the holiness of Jesus!

  3. bob hendricks

    Holiness is an act of dying to one’s flesh and surrendering
    to God on a daily basis. I think we all know someone or two that we would
    consider “Holly”. Yet if you approached them and asked about it, you
    would be surprised as to their response. Their response is wrapped within humility
    before God. They might even say they feel unworthy with the thought of God desiring
    to live within them. That is called being in the presence of God.

  4. QD Kelly

    I too often take Holiness for granted, I don’t mean to sin; but I need to keep the Cross & what Jesus did for me at the forefront of my Thinking. Maybe I won’t find myself asking forgiveness as much. I Ioo want to be as my Father is ( Holy ) AMEN!

    • Peter Guirguis

      That some great insight Kelly, I’m also comforted that I’m not the only one 🙂 God bless you my brother. By the way, sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you a call. I totally dropped the ball on that.


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