LIFE Bible Study

An 8-week course covering how to read and understand the Bible. Students will be taught the importance of Bible literacy, be better equipped to correctly interpret scripture using various literary principles, and explore the dangers of improper Bible interpretation

Class Objectives

To teach the basic principles of bible interpretation and explaing the dangers of poor bible interpretation

Class Structure

Class Time

  • 1 hr Study/Lecture
  • 30 Minutes of Q&A
  • 1.5 hr total

    Class Style

    • Book Guided
    • Topical Teaching


    The Bible
    Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks

    Class Schedule

    Please have a look at the course schedule below

    Week One – Introduction / Why Study the Bible?

    • Go Over Syllabus
    • Bible Study Myths
    • Bad Bible Study Methods

    Week Two – Observation Pt. 1

    • The Value of Observation
    • Example of Observation
    • Learning to Read
    • 10 Strategies for Reading

    Week Three – Observation Pt.2

    • 6 Things to Look For
    • Summarize Your Findings

    Week Four – Interpretation Pt. 1

    • The Value of Interpretation
    • Dangers in Interpretation
    • Biblical Genres

    Week Five – Interpretation Pt. 2

    • 5 Keys to Interpretation
    • Defining Words
    • Figurative Language
    • Putting it All Together

    Week Six – Application Pt. 1

    • The Value of Application
    • When we Fail to Apply
    • Truth that Transforms

    Week Seven – Application Pt. 2

    • The 4 Steps of Application
    • One Meaning, Many Applications
    • 9 Questions to Ask
    • Culture and the Bible

    Week Eight – Conclusion

    • Getting Started
    • Tools For Bible Study
    • Translations
    • Commentaries
    • Bible Study Software
    • Recommended Resource
    • Q&A

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