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LIFE Classes

  1. Studying the Bible
  2. Counseling

OCT 10 – DEC 5

8-week courses designed to help you grow in God’s Word



Whether you want to discover your spiritual gifts, seek God’s heart in parenting, guidance on counseling others, or learn how to study the Bible, there is a LIFE class for you. LIFE is an acronym that is weaved into everything that we do at Calvary Chapel South Bay. It stands for:

Learning the Word
Investing in Relationships
Following in the Way of Christ
Engaging our World

The Classes are FREE and held on Monday nights from 7 PM to 8:30 PM Scroll down to see our schedule of upcoming classes.

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Studying the Bible

Oct 10 – Dec 5
(no class 10/31)

An 8-week course covering how to read and understand the Bible. Students will be taught the importance of Bible literacy, be better equipped to correctly interpret scripture using various literary principles, and explore the dangers of improper Bible interpretation.

Counseling For LIFE

Oct 10 – Dec 5
(no class 10/31)

An 8-week course designed to equip the attendee on how to counsel people through the everyday issues of life in a way that is honoring to Christ. Attendees will learn the goals of counseling and practical tips on how to give people godly counsel.

Parenting For LIFE

Jan 9 – Mar 13
(no class 1/16 & 2/20)

An 8-week course covering a broad range of parenting topics and tools. Attendees will learn about the heart of God in parenting and some practical tips on how to address common questions and difficulties in parenting.

LIFE Gifts

Jan 9 – Mar 13
(no class 1/16 & 2/20)

An 8-week course covering the gifts of the Spirit. Attendees will learn what the gifts of the Spirit are, how to find out what their giftings are, and how to use their gifts in a practical way for the kingdom of God.