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LIFE Classes

  1. Theology
  2. Managing Life

JAN 23 – MAR 6

6-week courses designed to help you grow in God’s Word



Whether you want to be equipped on counseling others, learn how to study the Bible, understand Christian theology, or learn how to manage everyday life’s issues, there is a LIFE class for you. LIFE is an acronym that is weaved into everything that we do at Calvary Chapel South Bay. It stands for:

Learning the Word
Investing into Relationships
Following the Way of Christ
Engaging our World

The Classes are FREE and held on Monday nights from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Scroll down to see our schedule of upcoming classes.

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Life Theology

Theology (The Hideout)

Jan 23 – Mar 6
(On Break Feb. 20 Holiday)

A 6-week class directed at giving a broad overview of Christian theology.

Managing LIFE (Multi-Purpose Room)

Jan 23 – Mar 6
(On Break Feb. 20 Holiday)

A 6-week course covering the issues of everyday life from a biblical perspective.