LIFE Gifts

An 8-week course covering the gifts of the Spirit. Attendees will learn what the gifts of the Spirit are, how to find out what their giftings are, and how to use their gifts in a practical way for the kingdom of God.

Class Objectives

To explain what spiritual gifts are and explaing how to find out what your gifts are, and to provide tips on how to put your gifts into practice.

Class Structure

Class Time

  • 1 hr Study/Lecture
  • 30 Minutes of Q&A
  • 1.5 hr total

    Class Style

    • Topical Teaching
    • Scripture Guided

    Class Schedule

    Please have a look at the course schedule below

    Week One – What are Spiritual Gifts?

    • What are they?
    • Where do they come from?
    • Why do we have them?
    • Can I gain or lose gifts?

    Week Two – What are My Gifts?

    • How do I find out what my gifts are?
    • Prayer and Counsel
    • Taking steps of faith
    • Natural giftings

    Week Three – Pastors, Teachers, Prophets

    • What is a pastor?
    • What is a teacher?
    • What is a prophet?

    Week Four – Missions, Evangelism, Hospitality

    • What is missions?
    • What is evangelism?
    • What is hospitality?

    Week Five – Giving, Mercy and encouragement

    • What is giving?
    • What is mercy?
    • What is encouragement?

    Week Six – Administration and leadership

    • What is God’s will?
    • How do we seek God’s will?
    • Hearing from God

    Week Seven – Music, Arts and design

    • The gospel and music
    • Art that glorifies God
    • Design in the context of ministry

    Week Eight – Supernatural gifts and the greatest gift

    • What are the supernatural gifts?
    • Cessationism, continuationism
    • What is the greatest gift and why is it the greatest?


       The Bible