Connie Gill - November 10, 2015

Lesson 6 - Don’t Return to the Law

This week’s study points out a human weakness that we all have struggled with throughout our lives–fear. Fear can have an extreme impact on how we feel, act, and react to certain circumstances in our lives. Impulsive Peter has once again acted outside of the character of Christ. He had enjoyed fellowship with all the believers, Jews and Gentiles alike. To “eat with the Gentiles” (Galatians 2:12) meant to accept them, to put Jews and Gentiles on the same level as one family in Christ. But raised an Orthodox Jew, Peter apparently had a difficult time learning this very important lesson. Fear played an important part in his actions. He feared what others would think if he ate with the Gentiles. Would they think less of him? Would he lose his ministry? Would he lose his income or his living?

From Series: "Galatians"

Lesson 6

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