Teacher: Pastor Chet Lowe

Main Scriptures: Matthew 1, Isaiah 7, Luke 2

Date of Teaching: December 24, 2022

  • Matthew 1 :22-23
    • This prophesy comes from Isaiah 7:14 hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth
      • It was a message God gave to King Ahaz through the prophet Isaiah
        • King Ahaz was a wicked king
          • But God gave King Ahaz a message, a sign and deliverance anyway
      • “Immanuel” means “God is with us”
        • His presence is a kindness to us because we’re sinners which makes us unworthy to be in the presence of a Holy God
        • It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4)
        • His presence brings joy (Psalm 16:11)
      • When we don’t have His presence, we’re filled with anxiety (Luke 2:40-48)
        • It’s easy to be distracted and walk away from His presence
        • He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him (James 4:8)
          • He will be “Immanuel” to us no matter our past or where we find ourselves. We just have to draw near