Teacher: Pastor Chet Lowe

Main Scriptures: Matthew 5, Philippians 2

  • Only believers can receive the blessings in the Beatitudes
    • Humility is counter-cultural
    • God’s thoughts are both different and higher than ours
  • These truths are supernatural, and we cannot walk in them without His Spirit (Isaiah 35:8)
  • Jesus defines “blessing” for us
    • The blessing is for both now and the future
  • Poverty of Spirit looks like humility
    • It takes humility to hear and do the words of Christ (Matthew 7:24)
    • Humility is
      • wise and provides us grace (James 4:6)
      • a command despite our feelings
      • comes from His presence
      • is proven in action
    • Jesus sets the example in humility
      • He was content and not offended as He gave up His rights