Teacher: Pastor Chet Lowe

Main Scriptures: Mark 1, John 1, Acts 19, Matthew 11

  • Mark 1:1-11
    • v. 2 The Good News of Jesus Christ began just as God said it would
      • Mark wants us to know that if God says it, we can believe it and that should settle it
        • Jesus and John the Baptist are the fulfillment of Malachi 3:1 and Isaiah 40:3
    • v. 3 God’s message is worthy of our passionate and unashamed proclamation, even in the wilderness
      • Israel had not heard God’s Word in 400 years–it was a spiritually dry and dark place
    • v. 4 John the Baptist was called to be the messenger (John 1:19-27)
      • He defined himself by the Word of God—not his family, culture, etc.
        • He had read Isaiah 40:3 in his “devotional time,” heard God speak to him personally and obeyed it passionately
          • Our devotional time is not just for our edification but also for God to give us direction
    • v. 5 John baptized and preached and refused to be distracted by anything else
      • The Gospel is powerful (Romans 1:16)
        • Revival starts with one person preaching the Gospel
      • John was baptizing according to the Old Testament Jewish law
        • It was a purification for breaking the law (Acts 19:1-4, Luke 16:16)
    • v. 6 John’s whole life was affected by his calling
      • He looked, sounded and was wholly different than everyone around him (Matthew 11:7-11 )
        • He had modeled his life off of Elijah and was completely dependent on God for his sustenance
          • Our lives should be this distinguishable to those around us
    • v. 9-11 John preached that Someone greater than him was coming in obedience and by faith (John 1:29-34, Matthew 3:15)
      • Walking by faith looks like
        • Learning the word of God and taking the step of faith to put it into action in our lives
        • Trusting the Lord will show up in the power of the Spirit to fulfill in us all the He has promised
      • Jesus wasn’t being purified in this baptism—He was proclaiming his death, burial and resurrection

Selah:  Mark 1:3 – “Prepare the way of the Lord…”

Challenge to Change: Choose to be different in the world God has placed you!