Teacher: Pastor Chet Lowe

Main Scripture: Mark 4

Date of Message: November 13, 2022

  • Mark 4:1-20
    • Jesus and the disciples have returned from the mountain and are in the valley near the sea of Galilee
      • The boat and sea function as an amphitheater to those on the shore and show us the gift of administration in practice
    • Parables are heavenly truths expressed in earthly terms
      • Understanding of the Word is available to all of us
        • Just like the disciples, we have the opportunity to ask God our questions when we don’t understand
          • This is a part of why we spend time with Him in the Word and prayer daily
          • We have the Holy Spirit to help us understand (John 14:26)
          • The mysteries have already been revealed (Colossians 1:24-26)
          • Putting into practice what we know already is a part of this process (John 8:31-32, John 17:17)
        • Pride, rebellion and disobedience keep us from understanding the word (Ezekiel 12:2)
          • God’s heart is that we would be willing and obedient, but we can choose to refuse and rebel (Isaiah 1:18-20)
      • This parable was taught in an agricultural society
        • The goal of sowing a seed is to produce a crop
          • The seed is the Word of God, and it has the potential to have a supernatural yield (2 Timothy 3:16)
            • The Word comes from the mouth of God (Genesis 2:7, John 1:1)
              • When we speak the word of God, the Spirit uses it to breathe spiritual life into people (John 6:63)
          • Our job is to sow the seed (Colossians 3:16)
        • There are 3 things that can hinder your harvest
          • The Wayside
            • They have a hardness of heart that seems impossible to penetrate
            • Their greatest need is the Word of God
              • Jesus resisted the enemy with the Word of God (Matthew 4:1-11)
                • The Word is a weapon against the enemy (Ephesians 6:17)
          • Stony Ground
            • They have emotions that they are desiring to relieve
              • The Word of God is comforting counsel and it provides the relief they are looking for
                • But when persecution comes, it no longer feels good
            • Their greatest need is for us to pray for them and fight their battle spiritually (1 Timothy 1:18, 2:1)
          • Thorns
            • They have a strong passion and craving for worldly things like power, pleasure, etc.
              • They do not produce any spiritual fruit
              • They resist truth by calling it “judgment”
            • Their greatest need is the love of Jesus
        • We are called to be the farmer/sower not the judge
          • Jesus is the only true judge of the condition of someone’s heart
            • We will know someone’s heart has good soil when they accept the Word and bear fruit
              • But our job is to cast the seed regardless

Selah Memory Verse:  Mark 4:14 The sower sows the word.

Challenge to Change: Go on a 15-minute prayer walk each day to pray for your neighborhood and the person you placed on the banner in the sanctuary.