Parenting For LIFE

An 8-week course covering a broad range of parenting topics and tools. Attendees will learn about the heart of God in parenting and some practical tips on how to address common questions and difficulties in parenting.

Class Objective

Explain common issues and topics from a biblical perspective

Class Structure

Class Time

  • 1 hr Study/Lecture
  • 30 Minutes of Q&A
  • 1.5 hr total

    Class Style

    • Topical Teaching

    Required Textbook

    The Bible

    Class Schedule

    Please have a look at the course schedule below

    Week One – The Heart of God in Parenting

    • What is the main goal of parenting?
    • How should we view or job as parents?
    • The sufficiency of Jesus in parenting

    Week Two – Balancing Work and Family

    • Tips on making family time
    • Being present when you’re home
    • What to do when something has to give

    Week Three – Fighting Parental Burn Out

    • Tips for recharging the tired parent
    • I’m tired of my kids, is that wrong?
    • Creating the village to raise a child

    Week Four – Tips for Hard Conversations

    • Dealing with grief
    • Sharing hard truths in a loving way
    • Discipline that does not tear down, but builds up

    Week Five – Telling your kids about Jesus

    • Tips for telling my kids about Jesus
    • Good resources for teaching your kids about the bible
    • How can I make the bible fun and engaging?

    Week Six – Tips for Single Parents

    • The sufficiency of Jesus for single parents
    • Tips for a single mom
    • Tips for a single dad

    Week Seven – Navigating Divorce

    • How does divorce affect children?
    • Encouraging children of divorced parents
    • Tips for blended families

    Week Eight – Help! My spouse isn’t a Christian!

    • Navigating Church Life
    • Raising Kids
    • When to compromise and when not to