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I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.


Plz pray for me and my all family (my mom and my brother and his family.).

Me: I need more music works asap what I can do best.

These couple months I lost some works.

So it's hard for me.

Plz pray for me to have more music works asap lika gigs,lesson,recording etc.

Also I need to move out End of February.

I didn't get any new place yet.

Plz pray for me I will have good and better new place with cheaper rent where is good location near by my house now with all things are convenient.

Its hard to moving.

My mom: plz pray for my mom's health and her financial.

She is good and Best mom to me and my brother in our whole life.

She needs more and better situation for financial.

I want her to not have any more financial difficulty anymore.

I want her to be happy and her financial situation is better and good and Best from now on.

And also I want her to visit me here asap to c me and travel with me to have good time.

I miss her alot.

Also I want her health is good for everythings..coz lately she has eye problems.

Plz pray for my mom's health and her financial gets better and able to visit me asap.

My brother and his family(his wife and his daughter):

I want them to be happy and humble and nice and polite themselves and to my mom too.

I hope my brother business doing well and best more from now on.

And I want they all have good health.

Also most important

thing is be polite and be nice and be respectful and humble and love and care more and best as much they can always to my mom.

Also I want and I hope my brother and his family will become real good Christian asap for make themselves happy and makes my mom happy too.

CoZ they don't go to church.

And my family are in different country right now.but they(my mom and my brother and his family) will be get together for this Christmas.

I want and I hope the best for they will have good and love and care time together.

I love my mom and my brother and his family.

Plz pray for them and me too for God bless us and best luck and life for everything from now on ,new yr and future too.

Thank u all and God bless u all who pray for me.

Received: December 24, 2019

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