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I prayed for this

Prayed for 9 times.


Please pray for me again.

I lost couple jobs in last min these couple months.

it mades me hard to pay rent on time.

i need to worry about how can i pay rent this Dec. and in the future months too.

The rent company isnt good which never understanding and mean to every tenants without reasons or small reasons to try to kick out old tenants to get new tenants to raise rents all the units.

so it makes me scare if i pay rent even little late or so.

coz they usually send 3 days notice quick to people.

im scare to get that notice and im scare to i dont have enough money to pay rent even this month and futures too.

Even this month,i dont have enough money to pay rent this moments.

also worry about this Dec.and futures months too.

I need to get more music jobs as much as i can and asap what i can do well.

im really struggle to pay rent and bills and living expenses.

plz pray for me about i hope i can pay rent without get 3 days notice or so and without any problems.

it making me very sick flu,bodyache,non stop coughing,chest and Throat hurts and stressful etc which it makes me i couldnt even get up most of days since last week till now.

it makes me really sick and sad and depressed every days.

Plz pray for me hard and strongly about what i need asap lika pay rent without any problems, get new music jobs as much i can asap for pay rent and bills and living expenses for futures,also my healthy.

Please pray for me hard and strongly about what i need asap.

I hope God helps me asap for everything what i need and what i asked.

Thank you for who read my prayer and pray for me.

I love this Prayer request in here.

Received: December 3, 2019

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