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I prayed for this

Prayed for 9 times.


I dunno how can I start to write my situation.

Coz I'm exhausted,worry,sad, scares, miserable about my situation right now.

I'm facing to risk get Eviction.

I lost more jobs in last min in these couple months.

It made me harder to pay rent on time.

I paid every months.

but i couldn't pay by This Dec.1.

So I got 3 days notice only 2 days late Dec.3rd tuseday.

I had to drop my check in rent office by Dec.6th this Friday 5pm after I got 3 days notice paper Dec.3.

So I dropped my check in rent office this Friday Dec.6 for avoid Eviction process starts and I thought I can get money during this Saturday in this weekend.

But I couldn't get pay check what I supposed to get the pay in this weekend Saturday Dec.7th.

So now im worry about how and where can I get money to deposit for not bounce my check before they deposit my check.

Otherwise I have to tell them this Monday morning for don't deposit my check.

Then they will start file for starting Eviction then.

My mom in different country can't help me this time.

None of Friends can't help me coz they are all struggle themselves too.

I've been praying and ask around to people help me.

But nothing works untill now.

I'm so scared and I don't have any ideas to avoid Eviction and how and where can I get money during this short period lika this weekend before this Monday morning Dec.9th.

I don't have any family in here and I have no where to go.

I feel I'm abandoned lika Orphant.

I'm totally alone and here is no one can help me this point.

I feel almost give up about my situation and how can I solve this problem.

It's irony thing is I have to go to some church in early morning today Dec.8th to play music over there.

But Im not happy to go to other church this moment to play church gig.

I cried hard with depressed everydays since this happened this whole week.

I usually ask to pray for me to people and here website to post my prayer request.

And I always solve problem without causing any problem.

But this point,

I dunno what to do.

I dunno what can I do.

I dunno what should I do.

I'm totally alone...

I wish God save me from this situation and everything going well without any problems.

I wish and I hope something Miracle will be happening today Sunday Dec.8th to get money anyhow to not bounce my check to avoid starts Eviction process.

I don't know what can I do.i can't do anything this moment.

Im totally alone...

05:28am Dec.8th.

Received: December 8, 2019

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