Prison Ministry


The heart of Remember The Prisoners (RTP) Ministry is to build a bridge between inmates and their families during the difficult time of separation.

RTP seeks to restore those affected by crime and incarceration by introducing prisoners, victims and their families to a new hope – Jesus Christ.

By nurturing a growing Christian community inside America’s prisons, restoration and healing can begin. Prisoners can use their sentences as a time to grow, change and find a new positive life path so when they return back to society, they will be a blessing to their families and the community. RTP can make a difference in the lives of the prisoners and their families.

If you have a heart to minister to the prisoner and go behind prison walls or to minister to their families, then prayerfully consider being part of this ministry. RTP meets on Monday evenings where families of prisoners can receive spiritual support, prayer, encouragement and the study of God’s word. RTP will also equip the saints to minister effectively to the prisoners and their families through training.

We at Calvary Chapel South Bay want to reach out to those who are locked up—to give them hope, encouragement and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Many prisoners feel abandoned, angry, lonely and unloved.

But God still loves them, has a plan for their lives, and wants them to be restored, transformed and saved.

Our job, as His ambassadors is not to judge them, but to “go into all the world to preach the Gospel to all the nations.”

Go into the prisons, into the jails, to pour out Christ’s love, truth and hope to these men and women whose lives may seem hopeless.

The Prison Ministry’s aim is to tell these men and woman that God still loves them and will forgive any who call out to Him—no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

Our mission is to build up prison ministry teams by using their gifts and calling.

We will focus on teaching incarcerated believers how to share their testimonies with fellow inmates, guards and loved ones, how to give words of encouragement and exaltation, how to teach a Bible study, and even how to lead worship.

“Through biblically based programs and a positive community, those who once broke the law can be transformed and mobilized to serve their neighbors, replacing the cycle of crime with a cycle of renewal.” – Prison Fellowship

Monthly Events You Will Not Want to Miss Out On With the Prison Ministry Include:

  • Los Angeles County Jail
  • CRDF – Women’s Correctional Facilities
  • Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall
  • CIM – Chino Institution for Men

If You Are a Loved One of an Inmate, We Haven’t Forgotten About You!

Not only are inmates struggling with their difficult situations behind bars, but their family and friends are also struggling too.

Having a loved one behind bars is never going to be easy, but having the support from fellow believers reminds them they are not going through this difficult time all alone.

Therefore, the Prison Ministry reaches out to those imprisoned and their loved ones as well.

There will be worship, prayer, words of encouragement, and fellowship to build unity between family members, uplift the brokenhearted, give hope to those feeling hopeless, and share the Good News of salvation with those who are still unsaved.

The prison ministry will not be meeting until further notice.

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