Grab your mitts and mark your calendars because the CCSB sportsLIFE Softball season begins soon!!

Our 2023 season will be starting up in June, with games played at 5:00pm on Saturdays at Wilson Park.

This year’s league will be strictly limited to a maximum of 6 teams and will require $35 player fee. 16 years and up are welcome.

If you are interested in joining a team, please sign-up using the form below.

Sign up early so you don’t miss out, it’s sure to be an awesome time of fun and fellowship. See you on the fields!

Click here for game schedule.

Minimum age: 16
$35 per player

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating

The registration is now closed!

For Registered Players

Rules and Regulations


Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated by any participants: umpires, coaches, players, and spectators.

  • First Offense:  Call “Time-Out”; address your concern with the offending team’s coach.
  • Second Offense:  May ask the offending player to sit down.  If severe, decision will be determined by the ministry leader(s) and/or umpire to be ejected from the game or suspended from future game(s).

1.0 About The Game

1.1 Each team must have a minimum of three (3) females, at all times on the field to play.

Examples: 6 males/3 females or 5-6 males/4 females or 5 males/5 females.

1.2 Maximum of 6 male defensive players on the field, regardless of gender make up.

1.2 Forfeit time is ten (10) minutes after scheduled game time.

1.3 No new inning will start after 6:15 and drop dead at 6:30. If the inning has not been completed after 6:30, the score will revert back to the last completed inning.

1.4 A game is considered complete after four (4) completed innings.

1.5 Maximum 6 runs per inning.

1.6 If time allows, tie games will continue. (See Rule 1.3).

1.7 The Rover position does not exist, outfielders must play behind the Co-ed line (160 ft).

1.8 Appeals must be made by the Coach only. Players ARE NOT allowed to appeal or challenge an Ump’s call.

1.9 Attire:

  • Footwear: No metal cleats or bare feet are allowed.  Rubber cleats or tennis shoes are acceptable.
  • Clothing:  The team shirt, or a similar colored shirt is required at all times. Any clothing, or jewelry, deemed unsafe will be asked to be adjusted or removed. All clothing must be “appropriate”, and representative of the standards of Calvary Chapel South Bay.
  • Do not alter the team jersey, i.e: cutoff sleeves or cut length of team jersey, doing so may result in being benched from the game.

1.9 Injuries:  If a player is injured on the field, an Ump can determine to “kill the play”, to get medical attention for the injured player.  Please keep all other players away from the situation.  Ump and Coach will attend to the injured player.  For all injuries, report them to the ministry leader(s) (Scott) with as much detail as possible (Player(s), situation and time of incident).  If minor, make notation (Player(s), situation and time of incident) on score sheet and continue the game.

2.0 Pitching:

2.1 New Pitcher- 5 warm-up pitches

2.2 Between Innings/Re-entry Pitchers- 2 warm-up pitches

2.3 A legal pitch is above the batter’s head to a maximum height of 12 ft.

            Pitches above or below min/max heights are considered “dead” and counted as a “ball”

2.4 Quick pitches are not allowed.  Must present the ball and have at least one foot (pivot foot) in contact with the pitcher’s mound.

3.0 Batting:

3.1 All Batter’s start with a 1 strike & 1 ball count.

3.2 Four strike rule in effect.

3.3 Batting order: two males followed by one female, or alternating male and females (if team has even number of males and females, must advise ump of type of batting order they will follow).

3.4 Batters must keep both feet within the batter’s box.

3.5 Dimension of Batter’s box is as follows:

7 ft (length) X 3 ft (width), 6 inches from the side of home plate. The front line is 4 ft from the center of home plate.

3.6 Illegal bats: Double-wall, baseball or bats that exceed the 1.2 B.P. rating.

4.0 Base Running:

4.1 Lead off after the release of the pitch.

4.2 Sliding is not recommended; must avoid contact (get out of the way of the play).


Game Schedule

All Games at Wilson Park, Saturdays, 5pm – 7pm  
Week 1: Play:
Field 2 Peace vs. Kindness
Field 3 Goodness vs. Faithfulness
Field 4 Patience vs. Gentleness

Week 2: Play: 06-10-2023:
Field 2 Faithfulness vs. Patience
Field 3 Kindness vs. Gentleness
Field 4 Peace vs. Goodness

Week 3: Play: 06-17-2023:
Field 2 Kindness vs. Faithfulness
Field 3 Goodness vs. Patience
Field 4 Gentleness vs. Peace

Week 4: Play: 06-24-2023:
Field 2 Goodness vs. Gentleness
Field 3 Faithfulness vs. Peace
Field 4 Patience vs. Kindness

Week 5: Play: 07-08-2023:
Field 2 Kindness vs. Goodness
Field 3 Peace vs. Patience
Field 4 Gentleness vs. Faithfulness

Week 6: Play: 07-15-2023:
Field 2 Kindness vs. Peace
Field 3 Faithfulness vs. Goodness
Field 4 Gentleness vs. Patience

Week 7: Play: 07-22-2023:
Field 2 Patience vs. Faithfulness
Field 3 Gentleness vs. Kindness
Field 4 Goodness vs. Peace

Week 8: Play: 07-29-2023:
Field 2 Faithfulness vs. Kindness
Field 3 Patience vs. Goodness
Field 4 Peace vs. Gentleness

Week 9: Play: 08-05-2023:
Field 2 Gentleness vs. Goodness
Field 3 Peace vs. Faithfulness
Field 4 Kindness vs. Patience

Week 10: Play: 08-12-2023:
Field 2 Goodness vs. Kindness
Field 3 Patience vs. Peace
Field 4 Faithfulness vs. Gentleness

Playoffs at Wilson Park, Saturdays, 3pm – 4pm
Week 11: Play:  08-19-2023:
Field 2 TBD
Field 3 TBD
Field 4 TBD

Playoff at Wilson Park, Saturdays, 4pm – 5pm
Week 11: Play:  08-19-2023:
Field 2 TBD

Championship at Wilson Park, Saturdays, 5pm 
Week 12: Play: 
Field 3 TBD



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