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Grab your mitts and mark your calendars because the CCSB sportsLIFE Softball season begins soon!!

Our 2024 season will be starting up on May 19, with games played at 1:30 PM, 2:40 PM, 3:50 PM, and 5:00 PM on Sundays at the San Pedro Softball Complex.

This year’s league will be strictly limited to a maximum of 4 teams and will require $26 player fee. 16 years and up are welcome.

If you are interested in joining a team, please sign-up using the form below.

Sign up early so you don’t miss out, it’s sure to be an awesome time of fun and fellowship. See you on the fields!

Minimum age: 16
$26 per player

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating

Registration starts April 21st through May 19 until all 60 spots are filled.

Sorry, all slots are full now and registration is closed.

For Registered Players

Rules and Regulations

    •  Bases will be 60 feet apart.
    •  Any ball hitting the roof of the batting cage located in foul (or fair) territory will be deemed an automatic out.
      1. Any foul ball that is unretrievable is also an automatic out.
    • Umpires will establish all other ground rules prior to the game regarding out of play areas, permanent obstacles in the field of play, and anything else needed.
    • Limited extra gloves will be available upon request on a first come basis.
    • League bats will be made available for all players.
    • Close toe shoes are required. Gym or running shoes are recommended over normal tennis shoes. Rubber training shoes and single molded plastic/rubber soccer-type cleats are permitted and the best option. Metal cleats or spikes of any type are not allowed.
    • Game softballs will be provided by the umpire.
    • All bats must be aluminum bats. Composite bats are banned.  No bat may exceed 1.20 performance level. FCA will provide some league bats for anyone’s use during the game. We recommend simply using those.
    • Please have personal bats cleared before the game. A batter using an illegal bat will be called out and all runners will have to return to the base they were previously on.
      1. If you wish to buy a bat for yourself or team, the best legal bats are:
        • Demarini Steel
        • Miken Vicious 13
        • Budget Beast: Miken Chaos
    • All players should be 18 years or older. Any player under 18 must have special league permission and a special league form before their first game.
      1. Hard age cap is 16 years or older.
    • Active high school or college baseball players may not play in the league.
    • Teams may field up to (9) players at a time. (1) catcher, (4) infielders, (4) outfielders.
    • Teams may not exceed 5 infielders at time including the catcher.
    • Batting line ups can be as big as you want.
    • A team must have 7 players present to start the game. Teams playing shorthanded will not be assessed outs for those spots in the batting order. Players arriving late may have their name added to the bottom of the order. Players may leave the game with no penalty.
    • Everyone playing the field must hit or take an out. No skipping players in the lineup. Skip players must take an out (for their place in the lineup) or sit out the remainder of the game.
    • Every team must have at least one male and one female player on the field at all times. Failure to do so will result in an automatic out for that missing player’s spot in the lineup and a max of 8 fielders. (A team with no males or no females will take an out at the end of their lineup throughout the entire game.)
    • A pinch runner may be called for at any time after reaching 1st base or beyond. Same gender. A player may only pinch run once per inning.
    • Standard baseball rules apply. Here are additions or modifications.
    • The game will consist of 8 innings or an hour time limit.
    • 7-runs (in a single inning) will result in a mercy rule and the half inning will end.
    • No new inning may be started, unless the score is tied, after 55 minutes have elapsed from when the game began. The umpire and/or Staff Assistant will keep the official game time.
    • Games can end in a tie. Except for the playoffs. Runner at second if needed for non championship playoff games.
    • Teams will pitch to their own hitters. Pitchers and hitters will have (4) pitches to hit a ball into fair territory. After (4) pitches a batter will be out. Pitchers must pitch from the designated mound. No walks. Teams can switch pitchers in and out as they choose.
    • The pitcher must deliver the ball in a continuous, underhand motion.
    • Runners must hit the outside bag at 1st base unless they are rounding toward second.
    • Base stealing is not allowed. Runners can leave their bases only when a pitched ball is hit. Any runner hit by a fair ball is out.
    • No contact is allowed between runners and fielders. Runners will be called out if they run into fielders on a base or run hard through second base in a double play situation. Umpire discretion.
    • Bunting is not allowed. Batters must perform a full swing through.
    • Play must stop when the umpire calls time.
    • Any batted ball that hits the pitcher will be called an out and all baserunners will return to their previous base.
    • Balls thrown out of play will result in one extra base for all baserunners.
    • Fly balls need to be caught within the fence line. This includes foul balls.
    • The “one-up” home run rule shall apply at all fenced fields. The first team to hit an over-the-fence home run cannot hit another home run until the opposing team hits an over-the-fence home run. Then either team can hit the next over-the-fence home run. If a team hits an ineligible home run, it will be ruled a single. Any ball that is touched on-the-fly and consequently goes over the fence will be ruled a four-base error, not a home run. It will not apply toward the one-up home run rule. NOTE: Runners may advance one base on an ineligible home run ONLY if they are forced to advance.”
    • If a team hits 2 balls over the “Navy” fence in the same game that batter will be out.


 *Special notice will be made to all captains if changes are made to these rules.



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