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Student Volunteer Application

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Note: When you turn 18 years old, you will need to fill out an Adult Volunteer Application.
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Are you a regular attendee of CCSB?
Which service do you attend?
Note: Our heart is for you to grow in your walk with Jesus as you serve the Lord consistently (weekly, monthly, as the Spirit leads you, etc.). Most importantly, we encourage you to make it a priority to sit in on a Sunday morning service on a weekly basis.
When are you able to serve?
How often will you serve?
Note: All volunteers are required to sit in a service weekly to receive God’s Word.
Have you served in a ministry at CCSB in the past?
By signing this form, I agree to volunteer at Calvary Chapel South Bay. I understand that I am making a commitment (Spiritual/Physical), and I intend to follow through with that. Throughout the time that I serve, I will stay in contact with my ministry leader and glorify Jesus in all I do.
By signing this form, I agree to let my child volunteer at Calvary Chapel South Bay. I understand that there is a commitment (Spiritual/Physical), and my child and I intend to stay in contact with the ministry leader during the season that my child serves.