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The Bridge Young Adults




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A bridge is intended to form a connection between two things. Let us help you bridge the gap and connect with Jesus and other young adult believers.

Ephesians 5:8 says “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” The Bridge Young Adults ministry is a community where you can connect with your peers, be encouraged in your faith, grow in your knowledge of the Word and be held accountable. Our young adult community thrives as we do LIFE together and aim to glorify God by being a light in a dark world. If your desire is to deepen your relationship with Jesus, mature in your faith, and develop meaningful friendships, then please join us! Ages 18-30 years old are welcome. Hope to see you there! Contact Jordan Gavero at for more information.

  • Prayer & Worship

Every other month we will dedicate a Friday meeting to spend time praising the Lord in song and praying as the Word has commanded us to. This is a special meeting to pause and acknowledge who God is, praise Him for what’s He’s done, and offer prayers of thanksgiving and supplication. It’s a sweet time to pray for each other and lay out all our concerns and needs at the feet of Jesus.


  • Guest Pastors

Several times throughout the year we will have guest pastors (from CCSB or other churches) come to share special messages from God’s Word. We hope that you will join us to hear what the Spirit of God has led them to share with us.


  • Bridge LIFE Groups

At Calvary Chapel South Bay we believe in doing LIFE together: Learning the word; Investing into relationships; Following the way of Jesus; and Engaging our world! Bridge LIFE groups will be a time for us to meditate on Sunday’s teaching, the weekly Selah verse, and be accountable for the Challenge to Change. We have found that sharing a meal and gathering together at home is a great way to deepen relationships and develop lasting friendships. If you’d like to join a Bridge LIFE group, please register by going to the link below.

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