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You’ll Be Amazed at What God Did on Our Missions Trip to Uganda

Jun 16, 2014 | 2 comments

At the end of May, our church sent a group of five brothers and five sisters on a mission trip to Uganda.

I was extremely blessed to be a part of this team as I got to experience firsthand the amazing work that God did during our time there.

Our team had several opportunities to share the love of Jesus with children and adults living in the various communities throughout Kampala, Uganda.

We came along and co-labored with two small church plants, Calvary Chapel Bunga and Calvary Chapel Busega.

We spent a couple of days at each church site ministering to the neighborhood children, performing outreaches along the roadside, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through one-on-one evangelism.

Ministering to Children

At Calvary Chapel Bunga we conducted a mini-Vacation Bible School for about 150 children.

Our time spent with them started with singing and dancing to worship songs. We taught them a Bible lesson based on the verse John 3:16 and performed a skit that explained the different colors of the Wordless book.

Several children raised their hands to accept or rededicate their lives to Christ during the altar call. Afterwards, we played games and fed the children lunch.

I was told that more than half of the children present were from the slums nearby and often come to the church so they can be fed a meal.

It was such a blessing to be able to give them not only physical food, but spiritual food as well.

We also conducted the same mini-Vacation Bible School for the children at Calvary Chapel Busega over the course of three days. As the days progressed, more children came out and heard the gospel message.

It was especially amazing to see two Muslim girls attend all three days of our outreach.

They both danced and sang praises to the Lord with the rest of the group. Once again, several children accepted or rededicated their lives to Christ.

We celebrated together at the promise that one day we’ll be spending eternity in heaven with our Lord and Savior forever.

Evangelizing in the Streets

At both churches, we were given several opportunities to go into the community and evangelize. One day we went to an International University to speak with students.

It was there that we spoke to several Muslims from all over Africa, especially Somalia.

As a result of God’s favor, the Muslims we spoke to were very receptive to hear what we had to say.

Several of our team members had in-depth conversations with them.

There were also several other students who received prayer and accepted the Lord into their hearts. Many seeds were planted that day at the University.

A Muslim Woman and Her Vision of Christ

One divine appointment occurred on a road near Calvary Chapel Bunga. A Muslim woman approached one of our team members inquiring what we were doing.

The team member explained that we were sharing the love of Jesus with people in her community.

The Muslim woman told our team member that when she was a little girl, she had dreams of Jesus and wanted to be a Christian, but her dad threatened to throw her out of the house if she ever mentioned His name again so she kept silent.

However, whenever she was sick, Jesus would appear to her in her dreams and she would ask Him to heal her and He would.

The Muslim woman wanted to know more about Jesus and after our team member spoke to her about Him, she accepted Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior.

Check Out Some Pictures and a Video Recap

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Click on an image and it will open up in a lightbox and then you’ll be able to use the left and right arrows to go through them all.

Outreaches Through Dances and Dramas

On three different occasions, we set up our equipment on a roadside near a busy street to perform our dances and dramas.

Several people stopped to watch what we were doing and afterward we were able to share with them the gospel message.

We also did a mini-outreach at a small school located in the slums. Several children and their mothers came over to dance and sing worship songs with us.

After watching our dramas, an altar call was given and several of them accepted the Lord.

Then some of the Ugandan women sang for us worship songs in Luganda (the native language of Uganda). It was a blessed time of singing, dancing, and praising the Lord.

The People of Uganda

The Ugandan people we met were so welcoming towards us. By the grace of God, they stopped and listened to what we had to say about Jesus Christ.

The children were also very loving towards us in that they gave us hugs, held our hands, and followed us wherever we went.

Both Calvary Chapel Bunga and Calvary Chapel Busega poured out their love upon us and made us feel extremely welcome. The leadership at each of these churches consisted of a small group of young men on fire for the Lord.

Our prayer is for them to continue to serve and follow God with all of their hearts.

The whole team is also so thankful to the church body at CC South Bay.

We definitely felt the prayers of the saints.  From the beginning to the end, the Lord’s hand was upon us and guiding us throughout our stay in Uganda.

The Lord softened the hearts of many we met, many seeds were planted, and several people came to know the Lord.

In the words of our Ugandan brothers and sisters, “God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good! And that’s His nature, Wow!!!”


  1. Grace

    Wow that’s amazing … Thank you for sharing.♡

  2. Grace

    Wow that’s amazing … Thank you for sharing.♡


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