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Deconstruction Part 1: Let’s Define the Terms

Our Upstream team kicks off a new season of Upstream at a new home base. In today’s episode, we meet the new panel and begin a conversation about the definition of the term “deconstruction” as it relates to our Christian faith.

Deconstruction Part 2: Discussing Some of the “Why”

In part 2, our panel continues the conversation on deconstructionism and evaluates some of its root causes.

Deconstruction Part 3: Where We Go From Here

In the final episode of this series, the panel discusses how Christians can grow in addressing questions in our own faith journey and how to come alongside of those who are deconstructing in theirs.

Christian Nationalism Part 1: There is a Continuum

In today’s episode, our panel begins a discussion on the continuum of worldviews that fall between patriotism and Christian Nationalism.

Christian Nationalism Part 2: How to Walk Out Christianity in Today’s America

In part 2 of this series, our panel dives into what it looks like to live as citizens of heaven while residing in the United States.

Politics and The Christian

In this mini-episode, the panel discusses what it looks like for a Bible-believing Christian to engage with politics.

The Israel Hamas Conflict Part 1: How Did We Get Here?

In this episode, our panel begins a discussion on the Israel Hamas conflict and discusses some of the history that has brought us to the current moment.

The Israel Hamas Conflict Part 2: The Christian and Israel

In part 2, the panel discusses the biblical ethics that should inform our perspective of justice and war. They also dive into what it means for a Christian to be “for” Israel in the current conflict.