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Something Good’s Cookin’ at South Bay: Summer Workshops

As women of God, we’re called to be ready. Joyfully ready and zealous for good works. (Revelations 19:7/ Titus 2:14)

But what does it mean to be zealous? And for which good works?

Thankfully, our teachings in Titus laid it all out. It taught us that we all play an essential role in teaching and encouraging each other. And who better to learn and grow with than your fellow sisters in Christ at South Bay?

So if you’re ready to get to work, Women’s Life has you covered! We’ve planned several summer workshops in practical life skills and discipling that’ll bless your home, your family, your friends, and even a stranger in need of Christ’s love.

Check out our various workshops below and register for the one you will attend on July 16th.


Workshops Offered

Be Good at Hosting

Learn how to host a warm and inviting gathering in your home and get bonus points by gaining some creative cake decorating skills for dessert!


Be Good at Cooking

Learning to make your own bread and butter isn’t just healthier and better for your wallet – it’ll bless your taste buds too! It can even fuel fellowship opportunities because who doesn’t love a warm slice of homemade bread to go with some Godly conversation? You’ll not only learn to make it, but we’ll send you home with a starter kit so you can start baking right away!


Be Good at Homemaking

Tailors are expensive. Wouldn’t you rather gain the skill of sewing and mending so you can DIY? Or have you ever watched your grandma or mother crochet and wished you had mastered this classic skill? In this workshop centered around homemaking, we’ll teach you how to bless your family and your neighbors with some basic homemaking skills like sewing on a button and mending clothes.


Be Good at Studying the Bible

We use apps and podcasts to improve many areas of our lives. We believe these resources can also help enhance your time with the Lord. This workshop will guide you through helpful apps and podcasts that’ll take your time in the Word to the next level. Once you get these study tips under your belt (of truth), you’ll be more equipped and ready to lead other sisters in Christ! 

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