• Who is this ministry for? Anyone with a heart to worship
  • When do they meet? Thursdays & Sundays before service
  • Where do they meet? Worship Room

The Bible calls us to, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord…break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” (Psalm 98:4)

As followers of Jesus Christ, it’s our great joy and privilege to bring our hearts to Him in praise.

Some people are called to make a joyful noise from the pews, and others have been gifted by God to sing or play a musical instrument on stage.

But whether on the stage or in the pews, we here at Calvary Chapel South Bay seek only to give glory, honor and praise to an audience of One–Almighty God!

Has God placed a special gift in you to sing or play a musical instrument?

Do you love to worship God and bless His people?

Then we have a ministry that’s perfect for you!

Our Worship Ministry is looking for talented believers to come alongside our worship team and the ministry God has called us to here at Calvary Chapel South Bay!

Our goal is to draw attention to the person of Jesus Christ and encourage and uplift the body of Christ through worship music and songs of praise!

This ministry is for those who have been musically gifted by the Lord and have a passion for using their gifts and talents for glorifying Jesus Christ.

We have many opportunities for you to use the special gifts God has given you whether on our main stage, in the children’s ministry, or in the various ministries we have here at CCSB on a weekly basis.

The gift of singing and playing musical instruments was not given to everyone in the body of Christ.

So if God has blessed you with these gifts, He wants to use them in a powerful way to bring glory to His name and bless His people.

You don’t need to be a professional musician to join this ministry, so come on out and give it a try!

If you feel you have been blessed with the ability to praise God with your voice or a musical instrument, don’t hesitate to send our Worship Ministry a message to set up an audition through the “have a question” link on this page.