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Young Adult LIFE




We are a passionate community of young adults on a journey with Jesus doing LIFE together:

Learning the Word: a community devoted to sound doctrine through the rhythm of scripture. 

Investing In Relationships: a community of intentionality and love through the rhythm of investment in others. 

Following the Ways of Christ: a community 
devoted to being with Christ, becoming like Christ, and doing as He did. 

Engaging our World: a community passionate about the Gospel of Christ through the rhythm of witnessing locally and globally. 

In a world filled with distraction and hurry, our community is bound by a shared commitment to slow our lives down to draw more near to Jesus. For in this rhythm, we take delight in our inner life with Christ so that it will reflect our outer life to make Him known. 

We invite you on this journey with us to be with Jesus, to become like Him, and to do as He did. 

If you’re ready to grow, come join us every Friday 7:30 PM in the StudentLIFE center.

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Text us at +1 (888) 777-6897 and message us with ‘yalccsb’ to stay updated with our community!

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