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Family Dinners

Family dinners are short devotions that you can share around your dinner table at home. Come back here every week for new devotions that you can use to encourage your family to follow the way of Christ.

Love Puts Others First

Family Dinner: June 11th – 17th

Open your Bibles to the book of Philippians and read chapter 2, verses 3 and 4 together.

We’re often times thinking about ourselves and prioritizing our interests over others. God’s kingdom is opposite of our world. We’re to lay down our lives for those around us and love others like Jesus loves us. Jesus came and died on the cross, looking to our benefit over His own.

After reading the verses together, discuss your thoughts. Use these questions to help guide your conversation!

  1. When was a time that you thought about yourself over someone else?
  2. Why do we think about ourselves over others? How can we put others before ourselves?
  3. How has God’s sacrificial love for you changed your life?

Put God’s Word into ACTION! Purpose to love selflessly and humbly, putting others before yourself.

    I am God’s child!

    Turn to First John chapter 3 and read verse 1 together in your Bibles!

    Our Father loves us more than we could ever imagine! He stepped down from glory in heaven to die on a cross for us on earth, so we could have a relationship with the Father! As His children, He longs to be in relationship with us. When we’re genuinely walking with Him, our lives change. We no longer want to practice sin, but we want to practice righteousness.

    After reading the verse, discuss your thoughts together! Use these questions below to help guide your conversation.

    1. Jesus was motivated to do the Father’s will because He knew the Father’s love for Him, no matter anyone else’s opinion. How should this change our motivation and perspective?

    2. The children of God are to practice righteousness to exemplify the Father. What are examples of practicing righteousness?

    3. If you knew Jesus was returning in 5 days, what would you change?

    Challenge yourself! Put God’s Word into practice as His children! There’s nothing better than to practice spirituality together as a family.

    • Memorize this week’s Selah Memory Verse: 1 John 4:17 “…as He is, so are we in this world.”                             

    Our Father’s Forgiveness Never Runs Out!

    Family Dinner: May 28th – June 3rd

    Open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 18 and read verses 21 and 22 together.

    Have you ever been done with forgiving someone? You’ve gotten to the point to where you’ve longsuffered with them enough, and you’ve forgiven them too many times before just to get wronged again. Peter felt this way towards the other disciples and asked Jesus, ‘How many more times do I have to forgive these guys?!’ Jesus reminds us that the forgiveness of God never runs dry and we’re to always forgive as He does towards us. Our Father will never give up on us! He longsuffers with us, always forgiving us with His unconditional love.

    Discuss the following questions together:

    1. Has there been a time that you’ve felt like Peter and were on the brink of giving up on someone?

    2. How has the unconditional love and forgiveness of God changed your life?

    3. Who is someone that you’re struggling to forgive, why? How can your family help you in extending them forgiveness?

    4. How are forgiveness and reconciliation different according to the Bible? We are commanded to always forgive, but are we commanded to always reconcile with that person?

    Put it into Practice! God has empowered us with His Holy Spirit as believers. Ask Him to help you to forgive (and if you should reconcile with) that person that you’ve been longsuffering with!

    Longsuffer with JOY!

    Family Dinner: May 21st – 27th

    Open your Bibles to Colossians chapter 1 and read verse 11 together.

    The more we know our Father, the better we’ll represent Him! He longsuffers with us and unconditionally loves us. We’re to be the same towards others around us to be good ambassadors of Him! Jesus set the example of HOW to longsuffer with others, and to do it with JOY. Just as our Father is longsuffering with us, we are to be longsuffering with others.

    Discuss the following questions together:

    1. Why is it important to represent our Father well in the way we longsuffer with others?

    2. What are things we should do when the longsuffering gets to be difficult and we’re ready to give up?

    3. How has God longsuffered with you? How has this act of loving kindness transformed your life?

    Put it into practice: Who are you longsuffering for with joy? Purpose to love like Christ towards one person.                       

    Represent your Father well!

    Family Dinner: May 14th – 20th

    Open your Bibles to Exodus chapter 34 and read verse 6 together!

    Our God is merciful and gracious. We often think the God of the Old Testament to be angry and out to get His people, but He’s quite the opposite! He’s the SAME God in the New Testament and even today (Hebrews 13:8)! Our God is merciful, holding back what we deserve (death), by paying the penalty of sin for us on the cross through Jesus. Our God is gracious, gifting us what what we don’t deserve (life), by offering us eternal life as He conquered death, sin, and satan! Are you representing your Father well as an ambassador of Him today?

    Discuss the following questions together:

    1. What are ways that we can represent our Father well in our world? Can this become difficult to do? If so, why?

    2. Why is our representation of our Father important to those around us?

    3. How has the mercy, grace and love of other believers impacted you?

    Put it into practice! Remember how God’s love has impacted you. Represent Him well as a good ambassador of Jesus Christ. Run to Him when you need rest and forgiveness!