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2 Steps To Finding Your God-Given Destiny

May 27, 2014 | 13 comments

Every person has a God-given destiny.

Some of us may know what our purpose in life is while others are still not sure.

One thing is for sure, though, all of us are to seek God’s will for our lives.

He has a divine purpose for each one of us and once we find it, our lives will never be the same.

2 Steps to Seeking God’s Will

If you’re wondering how you can seek God’s will for your life or in a particular situation, then you may find this two-step approach helpful.

1.  Pray

In your prayer times, all you have to do is ask God what His will is for your life.

Jesus in Matthew 7:7 said:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

You can be sure that God wants to lead you, guide you, and give you the answers to your questions at just the right time.

However, sometimes we don’t go to God to ask Him about His will because we aren’t sure how we are going to receive His answer.

That leads us to step #2.

2. Meditate on God’s Word

Many times God will reveal His will for us through His Word.

As we read the Bible daily, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse, God will make a certain Bible verse stand out more than the rest.

Many times the answer will be in that Bible verse or in that passage of Scripture.

The Holy Spirit inside of you will bear witness that God’s answer to your question is in that Bible verse.

The important thing is to not just read a random chapter of the Bible when you have some free time.

Instead, you need to read the Bible daily and it would great to stick to a Bible plan.

Here are some great Bible-reading plans to help you be more consistent in your daily reading.

Other ways that God may answer you is through other people, or He may speak to you through a persistent inner voice (e.g. the Holy Spirit that resides in you), or through a dream.

The important thing is that you be open to God speaking to you and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

How to Keep Pushing Forward

Once you know your divine purpose, you have to stay encouraged until that purpose is fulfilled.

It can take a long time for God’s will in your life to come to pass because He is shaping you and molding you every day.

You may not know how to reach that destiny or see it in the near future. However, you should not get discouraged.

To not lose sight of your purpose, you have to keep the vision of the end goal always before you.

And remember, no one can stop your destiny.

What God said He will do, will come to pass. God cannot lie.

In the Meantime

You should encourage others and help them reach their God-given destinies while you’re waiting.

The more you help others, the more God will help you.

Also, it will take your mind off of the waiting period.

Have patience and let things happen in God’s timing.

Your best days are ahead of you.


  1. Hopper Walter

    Thanks for the Blog this week Wendelin Philips: As in this week Devotions for the Softball League Ministry schipture Isaiah 40:31. How Carl Lewis faced a number of discouragements in his life. And after coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savor. He did find one of God’s-destiny. And another thought form: In His Love, Pastor Steve & Gail and as each Sunday we have a verse to Meditate on. As in Sunday’s verse 2 Timothy 2:3-5. And lastly to be in the hospital for 24/7 with an conjoint twin for 3 months. Because of Prayer and scripture meditating reading Our God had an destiny in two peoples lives. That did and has been an encouragement to Others, Because of God-given Destiny. <

    • Wendelin Phillips

      You are very welcome Hopper Walter. It truly is a blessing to write these blog posts and have God’s Word delivered and stamped on the hearts of many. Our God-given destinies are extremely important! Once those destinies are revealed, and accomplished, it will change our lives immensely.

  2. Janette

    How do you know when your helping becomes too much helping? Like maybe your helping is preventing someone else develop their own skills in perseverance, or them becoming more self sufficient? What if helping someone else, hinders your own growth?

    • Wendelin Phillips

      Hi Janette. Those are some really great questions? I believe that God will speak to you through that persistent inner voice (the Holy Spirit that resides in you) when you are helping too much. You definitely do not want to stifle anyone’s personal growth or let them become too dependent on you.

  3. Sandeep

    Brother i speak in my sleeping that holy spirit told me to do ministry, from that day i am worried how i do ministry , i am very shy person, i don’t know what to do , how to do. Whenever i sit to pray thought came to my mind that unless u don’t obedient to god ur prayer are not answered, please help me regarding the same

  4. Vera Lee

    Greetings In The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR ABBA FATHER,I AM SAVED SANTIFY AN FILLED WITH A BURNING FIRER READING ABOUT FINDING YOUR DESTINY AS REALLY OPEN MY EYE MINDED AN HEART MORE TOWARD JESUS I AM HUNGRY AN THIRSTY TO GET TO NO JESUS CHRIST MORE WE HAVE TO STAY IN HIS WILL AN HIS WILL IS RIGHTOUSNESS AN HIS PLAN ISSALVATION BUT IN ORDER TO NO WE MUST HAVE THE MND OF CHRIST AN BE RENEWED AN REPENT NOWWE ARE IN HIS WILL GOD PURPOSE IS THAT MANKIND WILLACCEPT HIS SON AN FOLLOW HIM ANWE BECOME SONS AND DAUGHTERS WE CAN NOT LOSE OUR FAITH FOLLOW GOD SYSTEM. I read an studied my Bible every day for hours because I am trying to follow god spirit an the only way is to know him by the word of God I am excited n today my understanding an wisdom an knowledge from him just went to another level alleuiah declare an decree that the power of god spirit fall upon everyone on this blog in the name of Jesus And declare an decree that your destiny seems an vision shall come to pass in jesus name I declare an decree in the name of Jesus that god will be done I pray for a mighty increase of divine miracles an manifestation of greatness fall upon everyone now on the page in jesus name amen!??????????????????????????Have a blessed day an let the former an the latter rain come down fro prophetess VeraV Le McFadden. Amen Amen!!!!???????????????

  5. Obinna Neboh

    Thank you so much Wendelin Philips for this wonderful devotion. Truly, I have been lifted by it…Praise God!

  6. Cody

    I wish I could communicate with God and Jesus better. I don’t know what to do anymore. I hate to say this but I feel like God is a little bit selfish and for me at least it’s really hard to hear him or know what he wants me to do. And my faith is slipping

    • Chidon

      Always study the word of God and pray. That is the only way to hear Him more.

    • Shristi Sinha

      Cody, God is never selfish.It is because of our hard hearts that we are unable to understand God.God wants to bless us but because of our sinful nature and bad attitude we have separated ourselves from God and His blessings.He is so kind and merciful that He sent His only Son Lord Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.He was crushed for our transgressions. It is written in isaiah 53 that when messiah would come,He would not have dignity or beauty.Jesus is God as well as God’s son.He did not come as a person of dignity or as an attractive person,instead He came to serve people.Jesus being God has full authority over Heaven,Earth and the things that are under the Earth,but he exercised his power to heal the lame,to give sight to the blind ,to heal the broken-hearted.
      Many a times,this has happened to me that I doubted Lord Jesus (even to the extent that I thought whether He is God or not).But when I peeped inside my heart I saw that I lacked faith.We want Lord God Almighty JESUS CHRIST to do miracles in our lives but we don’t keep a relationship with him.It’s the time for you to look at God in a new way and establish a strong relationship with Him.It is true that God is all and all.He is all knowing,powerful and He cannot compromise with His laws and principles.But there is another fact that God loves us and He has compassion on us,He loves us to the extent that He sent His beloved Son to bear the suffering that we deserved.So try to understand God by His own words, that is bible.Have faith in God along with patience and keep praying. God will answer all your prayers.God bless you.

  7. Chidon

    Thanks for this educated post. It answed my question.

  8. Jerome

    thank you very much and am blessed by hearing the word of God through you.

  9. Idpnsd

    “And remember, no one can stop your destiny.” – That is very correct. This is so even if I do not pray. But it is true also that no one can change my destiny.

    Bible says – “what you sow is what you reap”. This means I do not have any freewill. My present action (reap) is based always on my past reasons (sow). That means I do not have my freewill at the present moment. So it will be impossible for me to change my destiny.

    Bible says – “God is spirit”. Spirit is same as soul. That means, my soul is my God and your soul is your God. Our destiny is created by simultaneous action reaction of all souls. That is our global destiny. So nobody can change anybody’s destiny. If I can change my destiny, then the destiny of everybody else will also change, which is impossible. Take a look at the destiny and yogic power chapters in the free book on soul theory at the blog site


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