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Don’t Let Your Past Determine Your Future

Nov 1, 2013 | 0 comments

Every one of us has a past and there are some things that we would love to forget.

The problem is that a lot of people let their past haunt them.

I believe we are all guilty of having a sinful past at some point in our life.

However, once we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we become new creations in Christ.

Once you’re saved, you are to let go of the old man and grow in Christ as the new man.

Our past can no longer hold us back unless we allow it to.

You have to be determined to let your past go because God has forgiven the repentant sinner.

A Great Example of a Changed Life

Mary Magdalene is a great example of a changed woman because of Christ.

At one point, Jesus cast seven demons out of her.  She had a bad reputation because of her past but she followed Jesus.

After she got saved, I’m sure she felt indebted to Jesus in a good way, and it caused her to serve God with of a grateful heart.

She’s mentioned often in the New Testament because she chose to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

Key Takeaway

This blog post may be short but it’s here to give you a simple reminder.

God will make your future better than your past if you make Him the first priority in your life.  

You need to look forward to all the beautiful things that will come in your future. You can’t begin to imagine the blessings God has stored up for you!

So let go of your past and start walking into your God-given future!


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